Self Storage Shortage

Self-storage in Armidale, NSW, and Australia is in short supply at the moment. When the news of Covid 19 hit Australia, panicked calls came in worrying about how they would get their household belongings out of homes and into storage so they could fly out of Australia before the lockdowns hit.

Other customers needed to come out of storage due to the confusion about lockdown rules, panicking that they will be without furniture and creature comforts. The rules have relaxed quite a bit recently but the demand for self-storage and removals has not slowed down.

Most days we will get 5 to 10 calls asking if we have any available self-storage as they can not find any in Armidale at the moment. Our self-storage facility may currently be full, however, we do have availability for storage in our 20-foot shipping containers when you move with us.

Not only can you $ave a few dollars, but if we load your goods into our 20-foot containers and there is a delay in settlement, then we can take the container off at our secure facility until you are ready. No need to panic and find a storage unit until the banks or solicitors can work things out,

Our Guarantee

Since 1968, we have been building a strong reputation as a customer-oriented transport and storage specialist. Our professional and positive record is your guarantee.

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