Focus chats to Allingham’s about what they have moved for nearly 50 years…


Do Allingham’s do specialty moves?

We certainly do. We specialise in taking care in moving all the precious things in people’s lives. For example, we know how to best move antiques and pianos with the utmost care. We can also move book and music libraries as we have specially trained movers who know just how to pack and move unique items such as these. No job is too big or too small, we can do a bookshelf or a whole library. If you need to move offices or business premises we can do this too.

Do you provide a packing service?

We can provide anything you need for packing your items yourself. We have tissue and butchers paper, bubble wrap in four sizes, packing cartons in two sizes and packing tape which is the best in the business. We also will do any packing for you, from a whole house to just a particular room or area. You can do some packing, and have us do some, or you can do it all and we will move it, or you can have us do everything from packing to moving to unpacking.

Our Guarantee

Since 1968, we have been building a strong reputation as a customer-oriented transport and storage specialist. Our professional and positive record is your guarantee.

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